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The Steele family started North Shore Rovers (“Rovers”) in 2011 because they recognized the need for a soccer program for kids with intellectual and physical disabilities in the North Shore area. Players are partnered one-on-one with a high school student volunteer for the entire season and many of those partnerships last for several years. Head Coaches Steve, Kris, Randy and Bob joined in and have become the backbone of our program, ensuring that we are able to offer soccer at all levels in a safe, enjoyable, judgement-free environment. Our coaches have extensive experience coaching and most of our volunteers are high school soccer players, so we train and challenge the players at any level that is appropriate for them.

In our first season we had 15 players and 20 volunteers and our most recent season included over 100 players and 125 student volunteers from a combined 24 communities. The program is free and we provide each child with a ball, uniform and season-end trophy. We have learned over the years that the social aspect is just as important as the soccer for many our players. Playing hard, getting exercise, being part of a real team, having fun and making friends is what Rovers is all about - our volunteers help to make sure the players succeed on all levels. As a 100% volunteer organization, we could not be more grateful to the volunteers for their engagement and commitment.

On the fields, Gail and Jack Steele can be spotted in their straw hats- Gail runs the administrative side of things and Jack oversees all the teams (and their kids Jackson, Eliza and Dylan remain involved behind the scenes and at occasional practices). We are fortunate to have rock star players, upbeat and supportive families and amazing volunteers to make Rovers what it is. Our goal is to make each player’s experience the best it can be, and we hope the volunteers are rewarded for their dedication with the knowledge that they are truly making a significant positive impact in another’s life.